Alpaca Stuffed Animals

Alpaca fur toys fully handmade on real alpaca fur. Fluffy alpaca stuffed animals. Soft, cute and huggable. With real fur alpaca toys you will find a new friend to play. They come in different figures like alpacas, lions and bears.

Lion alpaca fur toy, alpaca teddy bears, panda bears and more here in you AlpacaFine online shop.

These alpaca fur figures are soft to touch and easy to mantain. Durable enough to keep them for a very long time. Alpaca stuffed animals are hipoalergenic and they do not shed.

Alpaca lions come in two different models: brown mane and beige mane. Baby alpaca fur toys come in different sizes and colours. Alpaca teddy bears come in different colours and sizes.

In AlpacaFine you will find small alpaca teddy bear about 9 inches up to big alpaca teddy bears 18 inches tall. Yes!!!, they can be as big as an Australian Sheperd or a Pomerian. They are the world's fluffiest teddy you may find. The alpaca bears, alpaca lions, alpaca figures, they are all adorable, fluffy, cute and huggable.

We can send your alpaca fur toy every where. If you are in United States, your alpaca toy will arrive within 3 - 5 days. If you are every where else, your alpaca toy will arrive within 2 - 3 weeks approx.fur plush toys 

These alpaca fur toys are the perfect gift for your beloved one. Your little kids will fall in love with these alpaca stuffed animals. Even if you are an adult, you will enjoy to have an gorgeous baby alpaca fur stuffed animal. Soft to touch. Do not hesitate to get one of them. You are never to old.

You will never regret to get one of this cute alpaca fur toys.

Your baby alpaca fur stuffed animal is storaged and sent inside a box and gently wrapped. Once you receive your alpaca fur stuffed animal, you have just to comb it and it will recover its cute look.


No animal was harmed in the making of these alpaca stuffed animals. Farmers do not kill their alpacas to get the pelt. It would not be profitable for farmers to kill alpacas to get the pelts once a life, when they want to take the alpaca fiber once a year. Eventually alpacas die due natural cause, and only in that moment they take the pelts. 

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